5820 Darcrest

A mysteriously dark earthy base, enriched by tiny spots and sediments with a veil of organic ochers and brownish greens like erosion on a rocky hillside, enhanced by Honed finish.


1003 Raindream

Two layers of slate-greys are accentuated by soft dark grey strokes contoured in neutral highlights, with a Polished finish that makes the surface look like a wet river stone.


1006 Agger Grey

A rich two-toned base of warm smokey greys, with delicate clay undertones and honey-grey veins that create a two-toned surface, in Polished finish with adds depth.


1002 Wyndigo

Warm earthy gradients wash over a soft greige surface veined with foamy-greys and delicate white, capturing a pebble’s two-toned mottled patina that is accentuated by Honed finish for an authentic presence.


1004 Stoneburst

Two shades of sage grey with soft mineral undertones and subtle grey veining, in Honed finish that complements this calm complexion.


1001 Riverlet

A gentle off-white touched by honied-amber capillaries that flow softly across the surface,
with Honed finish for a tinge of freshness that reflects more light in the kitchen.



The purest white of fresh snow melting away in broad streaks spread out wide, softly exposing the rough greys and ochers of underlying metamorphic rock, creating an emotive effect in Honed finish.


5161 Icellion

A stunning landscape of frosty whites pierced by elegant grey strokes, emulating grand geological movements in a polished surface that honors the enduring presence of nature.