Marble is a timeless, natural stone. Contrary to popular belief, Marble comes in a variety of colors beyond the classic white you may be envisioning. Marble is most commonly used in bathroom settings because it is more porous than Granite and Quartz. It is also softer than Granite and Quartz which makes it more prone to etching and staining.


Marble is a beautiful stone. It gives a look that no other material can come close to duplicating. Our St. Louis, MO showroom has an incredible selection of granite, quartz, and natural stone, and you’re sure to find the look that’s perfect for your home!



Marble has a clean, luxurious appearance that provides the look of timeless elegance and style. It has found its way into most homes and continues to be among the top choice for homeowners. Before you decide for your home, you do have to consider several marble countertop pros and cons. Marble’s distinctive look can enhance any space. Commonly found in white, marble is an ideal natural stone for bathrooms and kitchens. Darker colors, like brown and black, are also available. Its high-end appearance usually carries a high-end price as well. Marble is an enticing choice, but it’s not for everyone. There are many reasons why people choose marble countertops, but there are also reasons why marble may not be the best choice for you. Let’s have a look at some marble countertop pros and cons for your next remodel.


Marble has a look that is more lavish than most other stones and has its own set of benefits. It is peerless in terms of its luminescence and distinctive veining. No two marble pieces are alike, and the unique impurities add to the timeless finish. It doesn’t matter if your marble is drawn from the same location or split from the same rock; it is unique to itself. The wide range of hues and natural veining of marble are unparalleled to any other man-made material, imitating its beauty. Installing luxurious marble countertops can bring elegance and sophistication to your existing kitchen layout that granite or quartz can’t replicate. Marble evokes a subtle sheen that can add to your overall kitchen ambiance. This classic stone offers several advantages that are unmatched to any other countertop material.


If you love baking, you’ll love working with marble. It naturally stays cool and is not a prominent conductor of heat. Marble is resistant to heat and can remain cool even in the brooding summer months. Even if you place any hot pots and pans, it won’t harm your marble countertop easily.


Not only will marble countertops add timeless beauty to your house, but it will also help raise its value. Marble as a countertop material is very durable. A marble countertop, when it is polished and finished properly, will last anywhere between 20-30years. If you re-polish the marble, it will regain its original look and feel and last another decade. The reason is, this natural stone is hundreds of millions of years old. It will not get affected much by daily chores and activities in your home, making it a highly durable investment.


Marble staining is etching as the leader in the industry. It’s typically recommended to use marble for low traffic areas such as master bathrooms or bar tops. The porosity of marble makes it vulnerable to staining and edging when exposed to acidic liquids such as lemon juice, red wine, and cleaning products. Because of this, many recommend against using marble as a kitchen countertop.


You can compensate for marble’s porous nature with annual sealing and daily cleaning. The beauty, elegance, and timeless aesthetic make it a highly envied home design material today. There’s no other natural stone that can mimic its appearance. Unlike quartz or other engineered countertop materials, marble is a relatively porous material. This quality can affect your day-to-day use quite more than you think. For instance, you will have to avoid spillage and you will probably need to seal your marble countertop to avoid water damage. Similarly, your everyday items like glass or steel can easily scratch the surface, causing cracks. For this reason, you should have your cleaning products handy when working with marble to prevent any immediate spills or stains. Even though it is prone to scratches, marble as a material is quite heavy because of which the installation charges can be very high. The installation procedure takes a long time, and you need to have the right logistics and labor to install a marble countertop correctly.


Granite makes a fantastic material for counters as they are strong, durable, and can last for decades with minimal care. It also gives a distinguished look that can’t be replicated. And it can even increase the value of your home. Our St. Louis, MO showroom has an incredible selection of granite, quartz, and natural stone, and you’re sure to find the look that’s perfect for your home!