Colorado Dunes

Additional information

This model is inspired by the trend toward beige and earthy tones in both homes and fashion and is named for the greatest sand dunes in North America, the famous sand dunes of Colorado. Colorado Dunes is a blend of the eternal durability of the Rocky Mountains and the soft, inviting appeal of the state’s great sand dunes. This Neolith option evokes strength and comfort. Strength that will endure the test of time along with a soft eye appeal that inspire thoughts of warmth and comfort.

Recommendations for use based on the thickness
The most versatile thickness. It can be used for indoor and outdoor cladding. It is also
appropriate for both outdoor and indoor flooring as well as for furniture and cupboards.
The recommended thickness for tables and countertops in kitchens and bathrooms.
The maximum thickness is appropriate for tables and countertops in kitchens and
Recommended for all types of vertical cladding: walls, furniture and cupboards

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