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Vicostone Avalanche has its own sophisticated look. Slight gray and dark brown swirls intertwine in a whirlwind of movement that looks like crashing hurricanes. SLAB DIMENSIONS Normal size 144cm x 305cm (119” x 56”) Jumbo size 330cm x 165cm (130” x 65”) THICKNESS OPTIONS 20mm (3/4”) 30mm (1 1/6”) FINISH TYPES Polished


Ijen Azul

The design of Ijen Azul quartz evokes a sense of adventure and innovation, with a focus on color and inspiration. A bold and daring approach, this exciting color is inspired by striking natural blue quartzite. With authenticity and depth, this design has a unique character and dynamic personality. We recommend viewing the color and finish


Statuary Classique

Simple yet stunning! Statuary Classique Quartz is elegant, durable, and requires virtually no maintenance. This marble-look quartz is ideal for busy kitchens and baths in both homes and residential properties. The soothing white background and delicate veins make Statuary Classique the perfect choice for countertops, waterfall islands, accent walls, floors, showers, and other features where the look of marble is desired. Durable, low-maintenance, and stain-resistant, it’s easy to see why white quartz countertops are a top choice for both homeowners and homebuyers.